How To Create A Post In The NNU Forum (Income Program)

post forum topics on NNU, Post, NNU finance
NNU-Nigerian News Update
NNU – Nigeria News Update is a platform that is no longer new to many, as it became so popular, owing to her ability to pay people off amazingly well, as they hustle with her. As NNU hits Alexa raking as the 5th in Nigeria, this feet makes people wanting to know more about her platform.
Making forum topic to be posted on NNU is one of the means to make more cash on NNU but only very few utilize this method as  very little or no post online is able to basically explain the know how of such sequence in getting this task done. Due to this reason, this post is presented to all to enable you digest the sequence of creating your own forum topic on NNU.
The Sequence
  1. The first thing you need do, is to click on NNU POST. That is, click on the heading at the home page.
    post forum topics on NNU, Post, NNU finance
    NNU- Nigerian News Update
  2. Search for a field known as ‘CREATE NEW’, click on it. An environment for creating a new post will display before you after being loaded.
  3. Title: you would see a title field, input the title of your post there, ensure your title is attractive and catches the eyes.
  4. Images: there is field provided to attached related images to the post, you can click on the field, search for the image and attach them.
  5. The post: below the title, is a field to input the body of the post. Ensure that your post is well structured and free from grammatical errors.
  6. Category: there is also a field to select category in the displayed page for creating a new post. Select the category in which your post falls on, be it politics, business, etc.
  7. Submit: after going through your post, with all certainty that it is good for submission, you can then click on submit below.
Lastly, you will have to wait for the Admins approval, before you post shows up on NNU home page. The steps are as simple as that. If you have any question or wish to add up anything, you can use the comment box.