Tips: How I Do Generate 10 Odds Everyday On Bet9ja Virtual League Soccer

Before i go deep into today's groove lemme tell u what Virtual Football League is all about.

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 Virtual football league is made up of 16 teams. That means each team will play 30 matches a season. Each match lasts for 3 minutes. That means a whole season will last for just about 2 hours. Assuming the league starts now and week one is being played. All the teams will be playing at the same time. That means within 3 minutes, week one is over.

Immediately, week 2 starts and so on. Please note that everyone, everywhere in the world will be watching the same matches and be using the same results so even if your Internet breaks, it does not matter. The table reflects the same results for everyone. Infact, as you are watching a game, you can decide to switch to another game to watch. How To Place Bets You can place bets on the matches that are yet to be played. What I mean is if the games being played live are match day 11 games, you can begin to place bets on matches to be played in week 12 and more. So the question you will ask me now is “how do i win big with Bet9ja Vfl”? Well as a real Bet9ja vfl Guru , i get many skills of placing my bet without loosing.. Lemme tell u this, do u know with bet9ja vfl table u can decide; 1 - Correct score 2 - Big odds to win 3 - Team to play GG / NG 4 - Over This might sound funny but it works great! Don't know if am the only one who use this tactics. So most of my day i got paid from Bet9ja HOw does it work? Since this is a computer game, anytime u place your bet you get paid instantly...

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